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Monday, November 21, 2005

Winter of Frankie's Machine

Not even done, and the movie on The Power of the Dog not complete yet, the "The Winter of Frankie Machine” is already taking up a great deal of air-time since De Niro has been attached to the project. Several Don Winslow fans >are already posting their interest.

The trade says De Niro would play a Mafia hit man who has given up the game to become the proprietor of a bait shop. When he finds out that he's been targeted for a hit, he gets back in the business.

No writer is yet aboard to adapt the book, which is expected to hit stores in 2006 from Knopf.

Paramount has acquired the rights to the project which would mark a long overdue return to the mafia crime genre for DeNiro. No filming dates are set but I would imagine that Paramount would be anxious to cash in on all the fans of DeNiro’s mafia pics such as Goodfellas, The Untouchables and The Godfather II.


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